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How To Order :: Faxback Order Form

Faxable order form
aaiThe 'faxback' button below will launch a simple and secure order form from this page which you can print out through your desktop printer. This includes payment details suitable for use with a credit or debit card, although you can also post the order form back to us if you prefer to include a cheque. In this case please make the cheque payable to 'BGS Productions Ltd'.

aaiThe order form has been created in a secure format called an Adobe Acrobat document. You do not have to worry about this as it will simply open in your web browser after a few moments, once you click the link below.


Help... it didn't work!
aaiYour web browser may not have the Acrobat software. Right click the Faxback button and select 'Save To Desktop'. The file is called 'faxback.pdf'. Once the file is on your desktop double click it to open it and select print from the top menu.

aaiIf the file will not open from your desktop you may be missing the required Adobe software on your computer. In this case please select the button to the left of this text for Adobe Acrobat Reader. The link will take you to the Adobe website where you can download this useful software for free.

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Adobe Acrobat reader upgrade.