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Culloden 1746 - The Last Highland Charge
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aai On a barren Scottish moor in April 1746, the tired and hungry men of the last Highland army made their final desperate charge against a well-disciplined British force led by the Duke of Cumberland. Despite their incredible courage and valour, the result was a foregone conclustion - the clan warriors met a terrible end. It was to be the defeat and ruin of the Jacobite cause...forever. This is the moving story of the last great battle to be fought on British soil. 'Culloden 1746' features spectacular, accurate battle reconstructions and re-enactments, plus moving footage shot on Culloden Moor as it is today. The programme's dramatised "eye witness" accounts, period imagery and computer - generated maps combine perfectly to provide a superb and accurate account of a crucial day in British history. Narrated by Brian Blessed
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