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Artiste Catalogue V :: Various Artistes
The Millennium Concert A Pipe Band Spectacular Vol 1
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  1. 6/8 Marches
( Leaving Port Askaig, Mrs Lily Christie )
  2. Medley
( Iain Green of Greentrax, Spanish Thing, The Humours of Ballyloughlin, Abercromby Place, Susan MacLeod, The Chourus Reel, The Golden Wedding of Mr & Mrs J Duncan )
  3. MSR
( The Clan MacRae Society, Susan MacLeod, Charlie's Welcome )
  4. Slow Air
( Song for the Small Pipe )
  5. Hornpipes
( Rockley Beach, Lucy's Frolics, David Caldwell )
  6. Il Paco Grande
  7. Drum Salute
  8. Slow Aire Strathspeys And Reels
( The Bells of Dunblane, The Smith's a Gallant Fireman, Puirt-a-Buel, The Judge With a Grudge, Legless in Lisburn )
  9. Two Tunes
( Jock Brown's 70th, Cape Breton Puirt-a-Beul )
  10. Solo Set
( Cecily Ross, Tain in the Rain, Ash City, Traditional Irish Reels )
  11. Medley
( Moving Cloud (Hornpipe), Moving Cloud (Jig), The Pigeon Man, The Spice of Life (Jig), Kilt Rock Slow Air, The Shepherd's Crook, Caber Feidh (Reel), Christopher's Birthday (Reel) )
  12. MSR
( Donald Cameron, Maggie Cameron, Major David Manson )
There are 13 tracks in total
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