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Artiste Catalogue V :: Various Artistes
Auld Meal Mill Vol 1
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  1. Graham Geddes & His Band * Tam's Hunting Horn
( The Wind That Shaks The Piggery )
  2. Robert Lovie * Farewell Tae Tarwathie
  3. Pipe-Major Bill Hepburn & Piper Bill Hepburn JNR * The Turriff 41 Club
  4. Tam Reid * The Festival O'Keith
  5. Fochabers Fiddlers * The Skyeman's Jig
( The Borrwburn Reel, John McNeill's Reel )
  6. Ina Miller * The Green Glens of Antrim
  7. John Bone * The Flying Scotsman
  8. Argo Cameron * Down In The Glen
  9. Paul Anderson * The Brig O' Feugh
( The Lodge of Glen Tana, John McNeil's Reel )
  10. John Mearns * The Rovin' Ploughboy
  11. Turriff & District Pipe Band * Flower of Scotland
( The Bluebells of Scotland, Scotland the Brave, Muss I Denn )
  12. Ina Miller * Faraway In Australia
There are 20 tracks in total
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