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Artiste Catalogue G :: The Glasgow Phoenix Choir
Rosslyn Chapel
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aai The world famous Glasgow Phoenix Choir provide these songs of praise and inspiration from Rosslyn Chapel, which featured recently in the best selling book and movie The Da Vinci Code. This is the Choir's 33rd recording and it was recorded 'live' in front of an audience within the Chapel by special permission of the Chapel Trustees.

Rosslyn Chapel still functions as a place of worship for the Scottish Episcopal Church. It is 15th century medieval building rich in unusual carvings and masonic symbolism. The Glasgow Phoenix Choir were delighted to perform and record in such a sacred and mystical setting and with such excellent acoustics.

Let our music transport you to Rosslyn and bring back memories of such a wonderful place of worship. Surely, this recording will become a must have souvenir of Rosslyn Chapel.
  1. Sanctus
( The Armed Man )
  2. Benedictus
( The Armed Man )
  3. Agnus Dei
( The Armed Man )
  4. The Lamb
  5. Cantique De Jean Racine
  6. Panis Angelicus
  7. There is no Rose
  8. O Holy Night
  9. Festival Sanctus
  10. If Music Be The Food of Love
  11. The Londonderry Air
  12. Softly As I Leave You
There are 15 tracks in total
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