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In Search Of Scotland
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aai The music from the acclaimed BBC Scotland Television Series.

Karen Marshalsay " Harp

Iain Fraser " Fiddle

Andrew Lyon " Flute ( track 10)

John Higgins " Guitars/Mandolin/Flute/Whistle

John Cobban " Samples & Keyboards

Ronnie Jack " Poem (track 6)

Monks of Pluscarden Abbey " Voices (Tracks 4 & 7)

It has been pleasure and a privilege working on ‘“In Search of Scotland'. The music complements the history perfectly, reflecting the moods and the various periods and events with great sensitivity”. (Fiona Watson, Presenter of In Search Of Scotland)“This music is a fascinating combination of the old & the new. It evokes all those emotions associated with Scotland and it's turbulent past: mystery, warfare, struggle, achievement, turmoil and joy. They are all part of the rich tapestry of sound that is shared by Scots, old & new. Old, traditional melodies are blended with the digital technology.

Harp, whistle, bodhran, guitar, fiddle & voice are placed within this modern context yet, because of their innate strength, retaining their own character. It is a potent mixture of the traditional and the contemporary. It does, indeed, evoke a musical and historical landscape: the longer sequences are like rivers, valleys and journeys: the shorter pieces are like landmarks " standing stones, castles, cathedrals and factories. This is history in harmony”. (Gordon Menzies, producer of BBC Scotland television series ‘“In Search of Scotland').
  1. Mysterious Ancestors
  2. Changing the Land
  3. The Seafarers
  4. Song of the Benedictines
  5. End of An Auld Sang
  6. Lament for the Makars
  7. Traprain Law
  8. Birth of a Nation
  9. At the Court of the Stewarts
  10. Columba's Vision
  11. Elegy for Mary Queen of Scots
  12. The Clearances
There are 23 tracks in total
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