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Artiste Catalogue V :: Various Artistes
Second Grand Concert of Piping
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  1. La Quenoville
( Caledonian Society of London, The Blond Haired Maid, Cathy's Willie )
  2. Liertenant Colonel George Latham's Fancy
( The New Crossroads, Old Joe, Sean Coughlans )
  3. The Banks Of Lee
( The Little Bag, The Hills of Kesh, Boys of Malin, Lord Ramsey's, The Transfusion, Tiolfaidh Tu Abhaile Liom )
  4. Anna Kloareg
( Al Letanant Schmidt O Kimiad ar 5ved Kompagnunez, Donatien Laurent )
  5. Al Lez-Vamm
( Gwerz Mari Louiz, Gavotenn Ar Menez, Ton Cranhuel )
  6. Kas A Barh
( Laride )
  7. The Devil In The Kitchen
( Calum Crubach, The Black Snuff Mill, Sleepy Maggie, The Scotsville Reel )
  8. Roddy MacDonald's Fancy
( Caberfeidh, Hamish and The Stone, Ed Neigh's Welcome to Cape Breton, Allan Gillis' Reel )
  9. Kennedy Street March
( The Miller O Drone, Lady Carmichael, Unknown, The Night We Had The Goats, Unknown, Marry Me Now )
  10. The Snuff Wife
( Martha's Vineyard, The Maid On The Green, Donnie MacGregor )
  11. Nelly Mahony's
( Nelly Mahony's, Pete Bradley's, Jim Keefe's )
  12. Sweeney's Polka
( Mike Ward's Polka, The Glen Polka )
There are 15 tracks in total
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