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Artiste Catalogue V :: Various Artistes
Nineties Collection
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  1. The Gael
( Pamela Rose Grant, Andy Broom's Treble Tops, Debbie Ann's Reel )
  2. The Marianna
( St Gilbert's, Paul Anderson's )
  3. Tianavaig
( Betty Jessiman, Huntly, Dr Iain Macaonghais )
  4. The Setting Sun
  5. Alasdair Fraser's Compliments to Lorna Mitchell
( Eoghainn Iain Alasdair BEM, The Open Fence )
  6. The Green Loch
( The Quiet Man, The Ness Lassies Reel, The Flawless Juggler )
  7. Mrs Meg Jamieson of Roadside Cottage
( Iain Macphail's Complaints to the Late Chrissie Leatham, Julie & James Rollo's Wedding March )
  8. Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast
( Planxty Crockery )
  9. Starjump
( The Reunion Reel, The Fyrish Reel )
  10. Discovery
( Dun Ibrig, The Point Road, Streams of Abernethy, Crabbit Shona )
  11. John Kerr's Jacket
( The Parks of Kenway, Break Yer Bass Drone )
  12. Magnus Hendrichson
( Calum's Waltz, New Year Waltz )
There are 16 tracks in total
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