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Artiste Catalogue V :: Various Artistes
Scottish Tradition Vol 02 From The Western Isles
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  1. He Mandu* Mrs Kate MacLeod & Chorus
  2. Dheanainn Sugradh ris an nighean dubh (I Would make merry with the black-haired girl) * Mrs Nan MacLeod & Chorus
  3. Mhurchaidh Bhig a chin a' chonais ( Little Murdoch best at baiting) * Miss Penny Morrison & Chorus
( Reels * Calum Beaton Stonybridge )
  4. Oran Do Bhean Mhic Fhraing ( Song to Rankin's wife) * Angus MacDonald
  5. Fiollaigean Choral ceilidh song * Murdo MacLeod & John Murray
  6. Puirt a beul:
( mouth music, Seallaibh cuaigh Eoghainn ( Look at Ewen's Coracle)* Mrs Annie Arnott, Fosgail an dorus dh'an tailleir fhidhleir ( Open the door to the fiddling taylor) * Mrs Archie MacDonald, Am bothan a bh'aig Fionnghuala ( Fionnghuala Bothy) * Calum Johnston, Canntaireach * Miss Mary Morrison )
  7. Latha dha‘n Fhinn am Beinn Iongnaidh ( A day when the fenians were in the Mountain of Marvels:
( Fenian Lay) * Mrs Archie MacDonald )
  8. S e mis‘ bhith fada bho thir m‘ eolais (Being far from the land that I know) * Hugh Matheson
  9. Suidhidh sinn a bhain gu socair (We will sit down at ease Love Song) * Mrs Christine Shaw
  10. That hide agam eirigh (It is time for me to rise up) * Angus Kenneth MacIver
  11. Cha till MacCruimean (Mamrimmon will never come back Pibroch song) * Mrs Archie MacDonald
  12. Tha do Rioghachd Ian do ghloir (Your Kingdom is full of Glory:
( Evangelical Hymm)* Miss Murdina MacDonald )
There are 12 tracks in total
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