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Special Feature

The Mountains
Welcome Me Home

Eve Graham
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Eve is best known as the lead singer of the New Seekers and recognised the world over as the voice behind 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing' the Coca Cola anthem. Join us now for this stunning compilation of easy listening favourites and classic songs from her home land.

00A music CD is available along with a complimentary VHS video and DVD presentation. Click below to preview the DVD presentation now.

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Eve Graham - The Mountains Welcome Me Home

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  G A L L E R Y

00These images are just a taste of the extensive filming undertaken for this production from land, sea and air.

What is DVD?
'DVD - Video' or to give it its full name Digital Versatile Disc - Video, is a relatively new format which comes on a metallic disc similar to a music CD (Compact Disc). The advantages of DVD over traditional video tape include;
- Much higher quality film and sound.
- Extended running times ..... so more content can be included.
- Hardwearing .... cannot be easily damaged or chewed up.
- Interactive features and links to the Internet can be included.

A DVD player is required to play the disc, although these are widely available in supermarkets and are cheaper than video tape players.

Will this DVD play in my country?
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I don't have a DVD player. Can I get a tape instead?
Yes. This product is available on video tape. There is also a CD and Cassette available here.

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