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Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
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Highland Cathedral
Highland Cathedral Celebration Edition 12" Vinyl Album
Second To None
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Highland Cathedral USB - Pipes & Drums Of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
The Regiment was formed in 1971 from the union of two famous regiments, the 3rd Carabiniers and the Royal Scots Greys. The 3rd Carabiniers had themselves been constituted in 1922 from the amalgamation of the old 3rd Dragoon Guards and the Carabiniers (6th Dragoon Guards). The history of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards is therefore the record of three ancient regiments and, through the Royal Scots Greys, they can claim to be the oldest surviving Cavalry of the Line in the British Army. The Scots Greys who were immortalized by their dashing charge at Waterloo ("Les Terribles Chevaus Gris") added to the legend with a spectacularly successful charge with the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava in 1854. It is ironic that the day that saw one of the most brilliant cavalry charges in history is better remembered for the subsequent disaster that was the charge of the Light Brigade. In 1938, along with other cavalry regiments, the 3rd Carabiniers mechanized, although the Scots Greys were to remain mounted for another 3 years. The regiment has deployed on three tours of Northern Ireland and it saw active service during the Gulf War in 1991, in Bosnia as part of SFOR in 1996/97 and deployed to Kosovo twice, in 2000 and 2001, as part of KFOR. More recently the SCOTS DG operated in Iraq during the Iraq War of 2003 (Britain's contribution being known as Operation Telic) where it took part in the advance on Iraq's second largest city, Basra. It met sporadic resistance that included Britain's largest tank engagement since the Second World War, when 14 Challenger 2 tanks from C Squadron, engaged and destroyed 14 Iraqi tanks (the so-called '14-0' engagement). Together with Warriors of the Irish Guards, the regiment entered Basra on 6 April, and left Iraq shortly after the war was officially declared over on 1 May. The regiment has won numerous battle honours and two Victoria Crosses, and, through the Royal Scots Greys, is the oldest surviving Cavalry Regiment of the Line in the British Army. The regiment is currently based in Fallingbostel, British Forces Germany, as part of the 7th Armoured Brigade ('The Desert Rats'). As a royal regiment, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards is permitted to wear the Royal Stewart tartan (a privilege granted by HM King George VI), which is worn by the regiment's pipes and drums featured here on the Scotdisc website. :: Source :: SCOTS DG and Wikipedia.org

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