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clyde valley stompers
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
Flower Of Scotland

Girls and Strong Whisky
Popscots Red Hot Dance Party Mixes
Rhythm Of The Celts
Brogue was formed in 2001 and is a musical partnership between Brigitte Rodrigues and David Scobie. David Scobie was born on 17th September 1964 in Dundee, Scotland. He was exposed to traditional Scottish Folk music from a young age and when he was six, his parents took him to his first live concert held in Dundee. The popular folk Duo "The Corries" blew David away; his dream to sing was born. In 1973 the Scobie family moved to Rhodesia. Brigitte was born on 17th February 1978 in Salisbury, Rhodesia. Initially born deaf, she received surgery at the age of three through which her hearing was restored and as a result received a gift of a piano from her grandparents - thus her love of music began. One of their first joint projects was to tour Zimbabwe singing and playing music to all the farmers who had either lost their farms, or were in the process of losing their farms to the Government. Their music is aimed at helping to refresh public interest in traditional Scottish melodies and poems by reinterpreting, rearranging and updating them. A complete biography can be found at www.broguemusic.com

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