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Artiste Catalogue B :: Brogue
Rhythm Of The Celts
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aai This album portrays traditional Scottish Music from a world-music point of view. The Celtic melodies and lyrics have been embedded in a fusion of traditional African, Indian, Latin rhythmic ideas and guitar riffs with an overall energetic brush of a Rock feel.

During the making of 'Rhythm Of The Celts' our every endeavour was made to explore each of these songs with an enormous amount of due respect to Celtic history and tradition. Yet, not stifling our intuitions from venturing far into the openly fantasized worlds of our own artiste translations of these songs. In doing this we aim to retain and stress the vital importance of the role that traditional music should continue to play today to people of all ages and throughout the ever-changing times in new musical eras to come.
  1. Bonnie Dundee
  2. Birnie Boozle
  3. Peat Fire Flame
  4. The Braes O'killekrankie
  5. Mairi's Wedding
  6. The Battle O' Sherramuir
  7. Will Ye No Come Back Again
  8. Garten Mother's Lullaby
  9. My Bonnie Moorhen
  10. Sae Will We Yet
  11. Kiss The Children For Me Mary
  12. Lowlands Away
There are 16 tracks in total
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