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Your computer uses a 'Web Browser' such as Internet Explorer to make sense of the information it finds on the internet. However, some content such as music and video is more complex and can require additional software to be installed in order for it to play over the Internet.

InThe software required to play our music and video files through this web site should be pre-installed in most modern computers and so the files will start playing automatically. However, if they do not, please read on for assistance.

Which video format - Windows or Quicktime?
InTo make things easy for our customers, video files
are provided on this web site in two formats - Windows Movie Format (wmv) for computers running a version of Microsoft Windows and Apple Quicktime (mov) for all Apple Macintosh computers.

What about music clips?
InThese are provided as 'MP3' files which should play equally well on both computer systems.

Help! My music or video doesn't play in the browser!
InThis will almost certainly be an issue with the browser plug-ins. Plug-ins are small additions to a web browser which help it to display different types of files including music and video.

InIt may be that your software is a little old or the plug-ins may have been disabled (by another software installation). The simplest and most reliable way to cure this is to save the music or video file to your desktop, and then to play it from there (without the browser).

How do I play the files from my desktop?
InFirstly, right click the file in question and select 'Save To Desktop' (Apple Mac - click and hold). Once the file has finished downloading, simply double click it and the computer will open the file with its built in media player, ignoring the internet browser completely.

My music/video player is out of date or I cannot find it!
InSoftware moves forward at a rapid pace and it is worth checking back with your system provider on a regular basis for free updates that will keep your computer operating efficiently. Fortunately both Microsoft and Apple Macintosh offer an easy to use automatic software update system that is free of charge. Read on if you need help with this.

Music/video players
InThe links below witll help you with the standard media players and software updates from Microsoft and Apple. Please note - Scotdisc are not responsible for any software updates to your computer and you undertake them at your own risk. These links are provided for your assistance and are not maintained or qualified by Scotdisc.

InPlease take care to follow the instructions for your particular computer and operating system. In most cases these will be automatically chosen for you.

Windows Media Player

Windows Software Update Centre

For the Apple Macintosh operating system, the built in Quicktime software is your best media solution with a solid and reliable performance. You can also use Apple iTunes to play our music files. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of Quicktime, please select the link below.

Quicktime Media Player

Apple Software Update For OS9 and below, just go to the top menu of your screen and select Apple/Control Panels/Software Update. From here you can run an automatic update provided you are connected to the internet. For OS.X, go to System Preferences and select software update.

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